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Marine Pure Facial 1 hr


A rebalancing facial treatment designed just for men and which gets right to the point, cleansing, skin conditioning and restoring brightness and a healthy look to the skin.  This prescriptive facial combines 2 masks and will be tailored to the skinís own condition and tone, leaving a brighter complexion and a fresh look.

Marine Calm Facial 1 hr


The full experience of the Oceanís healing powers, the treatment starts with a tension relieving body massage along with an application of the unique Reflexothermale Mud to the spine. This multi-action facial uses cooling active marine ingredients to soothe irritated skin. You will enjoy a truly relaxing face and body treatment with optimum skin performance and results.

Marine Spa Prestige 1 hr 30 mins


For outstanding anti-ageing results phytomer have designed the most luxurious and pampering facial.  The treatment starts with a back massage stimulating the reflex zones on the body.  Reflexothermale Self-heating Mud is applied to the spine and solar-plexus.  The face is prepared with an enzymatic peel then cleansed and toned in readiness for 3 masks with anti-ageing and rehydrating formulae to provide exceptional results.  The skin is smoothed and softened, regaining its original firmness and tone.  The prestige treatment works on the face, eye contour, neck and hands; areas which are constantly exposed to external aggressors and are the first to reveal the signs of ageing.

Back and Shoulder Massage 30 mins


The back and shoulder massage can be as stimulating as you require or as soothing and relaxing as you need, it helps to relieve tension in the neck and break down tight nodules and assists in aiding warmth to aching muscles.

Thermal Mud Therapy 35 mins


Aches and pains simply melt away with this soothing anti-stress pack treatment.  Warm, mineral-rich mud, originally designed for use by physiotherapists, is applied in compress form to any areas of the body suffering from pain or fatigue, due to increased physical activity or from any chronic condition.  It is highly recommended for the treatment of over exertion, tendonitis, joint pain and muscle stiffness.  This treatment combines massage in key areas of the body.

Manicure by OPI 45 mins


The classic manicure by OPI. A system so luxurious and clinically-proven, it transforms an ordinary service into an extraordinary spa experience. The results are nothing short of sensational, softer, smoother, younger-looking hands and the results improve with consistent and continued use.

Pedicure by OPI 1 hr


A system so simple, it's perfect. Formulated with nature's most soothing and effective botanicals. In a word, its paradise for feet, it performs by design and pampers with nature's best to help refresh and re-energise. Indulge in this extraordinary spa service.

Warm Wax

Using one of the best warm tea tree creme waxes on the market! With anti- fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to reduce skin irritation as it soothes and calms the skin.

Underarm   £12.00
Shoulders   £11.00
Half Arm   £18.00
Full Arm    £26.00
Back   £26.00
Chest   £13.00
Tummy   £13.00
Eyebrows   £10.00

We also provide the Ellipse I2PL hair removal system, for men, there is a slight price variation for men compared to the ladies prices so please ask at reception for details.


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