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Warm wax using one of the best warm tea tree creme waxes on the market! With anti- fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to reduce skin irritation as it soothes and calms the skin.

Chin   8.00
Lip   8.00
Lip and Chin   14.00
Sides   8.50
Forehead   6.50
Neck   6.50
Face Wax   32.00
Standard Bikini   11.00
Extended Bikini   15.00
Brazilian Bikini   18.00
Full Bikini   25.00
Buttock   13.00
Underarm   11.00
Tummy   16.00
Areola/Breast   11.00
Back   21.00
Half Arm   16.00
Three Quarter Arm   19.00
Full Arm   24.00
Full Arm and Underarm   28.00
Half Leg (Ankle to Knee)   17.00
Half Leg (Knee to Thigh)   19.00
Three Quarter Leg   19.00
Full Leg   25.00
Full Leg and Standard Bikini   30.00
Full Leg and Extended Bikini   33.00
Full Leg and Brazilian   36.00
Full Leg and Full Bikini Line   40.00

For the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Although this is permanent, it is a progressive treatment which requires a more long term commitment and timing is dependent on each individual.

Up to 10 mins   13.00
Course of 7   78.00
Up to 20 mins   17.00
Course of 7   102.00
Up to 30 mins   22.00
Course of 7   132.00
The Eyes

Tinting helps to define eyebrows and gives lashes depth and darkness. A patch test is required 24 hours prior to all tinting and perming treatments.

Eyebrow Tint 15 mins 7.50
Eyebrow Wax 15 mins 9.50
Eyelash Tint 15 mins 11.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint 15 mins 17.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint with Eyebrow Wax 30 mins 25.00
Eyelash Perming 45 mins 30.00

The eyelash perm completely transforms and enhances the eyes without the use of mascara or eyelash curlers.  Even short, straight, sparse lashes can benefit from this revolutionary treatment making lashes look longer and thicker and giving them a superb shape and body for up to 6 weeks.


Still the bronzing treatment of the stars.  Having a tan makes you look and feel healthy and gorgeous.  This luxurious treatment includes a full body exfoliation and application of St. Tropez tan to result in a rich, riviera colour, which looks natural and lasts for days.

Please note you need to wax at least 2 days prior to the treatment, also wearing loose dark clothing is recommended.

Full Body 1 hr


Part Body 30 mins


Face 30 mins



From 17.00

Clients aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult.  (Including choice of earring and aftercare solution.)  Using Studex, the leader in specialist ear piercing, it is a hygienic, safe and an easy system for the the therapist to use.  Studex are fully approved by the health authority and the system conforms to all international standards.  The cost of the treatment is dependant on the studs that are chosen, prices range from 15.00 to 40.00.


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