B  E  A  U  T  Y    S  A  L  O  N

                                                                           DEDICATED TO HELPING YOU LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST


Back and Shoulder Massage 30 mins


The back and shoulder massage can be as stimulating as you require or as soothing and relaxing as you need, it helps to relieve tension in the neck and break down tight nodules and assists in aiding warmth to aching muscles.

Aromatherapy Body Massage 1 hr


Manual massage has been practiced for thousands of years and benefits the client both physiologically and psychologically.  The treatment manipulates the soft tissue of the body, producing heat and stimulating the vascular and nervous system.  Massage manipulation both have a relaxing or stimulating effect and can create a feeling of well being.

Aroma Stone Massage 1 hr 15 mins


More penetrating than a normal body massage; experience the incredible sensations of this exquisite treatment, it will leave you feeling truly soothed and relaxed.  Small stones are placed on the key energy points on the body evoking an aura of warmth, whilst the deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension.

Aroma Vedic Holistic Treatment 1 hr 15 mins


A unique holistic face and body life ritual drawing on the ancient Indian ayurvedic techniques and using specific aromatherapy oil blends to create an atmosphere of delight, energy or relaxation.  The therapist uses a healing touch, Chakra breathing principles and the art of Aromachology to influence the client’s mood.  This holistic treatment is a powerful experience relevant to our modern times, bringing balance and inner harmony, whilst leaving the face and body revitalised, cleansed and detoxified.

Total Well-Being Body Massage 1 hr 30 mins


Your body is lightly brushed before you relax, then warm massage oils are smoothed over your body.  Also includes a facial pressure point massage and a de-stress scalp massage to strengthen your vital energies.  A massage technique will be chosen through consultation depending on your desires and needs.

Thai Body Massage 1 hr 30 mins


This massage treats the main Sen channels (in Thai medical therapy the body’s vital life energy flows through channels called Sen).  This energy stimulates the physical, mental and emotional processes of the body.  The body functions normally when energy is free flowing and distributed evenly through the sen channels.  The specific techniques in this massage help to stimulate the energy flow through the channels.

Mélatogénine Spa Youth and Wellness Body Treatment 1 hr 30 mins


A younger looking body for longer.  This new age-defying body treatment is based on the latest discoveries in anti-ageing cosmetology.  Mélatogénine Spa is a unique treatment combining body-shaping massage, the natural benefits of essential oils and out patented youth molecule, Mélatogénine.  Skin will be left smoother, firmer and younger-looking while your mind and body will feel totally relaxed.


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